Enfermeiros experientes em oncologia, neurociencias e cirurgia! CAMBRIDGE NHS! ***Entrevistas via Skype 25 de Maio & Entrevistas Onsite

Entrevistas Skype & Onsite

**** 25 de Maio, 2016***

Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust


A CPL Healthcare em parceria com CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL NHS, um dos principais hospitais de UK, esta a recrutar enfermeiros para posicoes permamentes em todas as áreas clínicas, em especial oncologia, neurociencias e cirurgia! Se tem 6 meses de experiência hospitalar aguda nao perca esta oportunidade!

  • Band 5 Salary £21,909 – £28,462
  • Contrato Permanente (37,5h semanais)
  • Pagamento de horas extra e trabalho por turnos
  • Programa Inicial de Acolhimento e Integracao
  • Excelentes Oportunidades de Desenvolvimento Profissional


  • 1 mes gratuito de alojamento
  • £1000 de ajuda de deslocalizacao
  • Livre acesso Frank Lee Leisure & Fitness Centre
  • Excelente localizacao: 45 minutos de Londres (comboio) e a curta distancia do London Stansted Airport


  • Experiência mínima de 6 meses pos licenciatura
  • Bom nível de Inglês (Nível B2 ou superior)
  • Registo no NMC (ou em processo de registo)



“Hello! My name is Joana and I’m a nurse living and working in Cambridge for about 4 months. Since I came here I’ve been enchanted by the charm of this historic and beautiful city. It’s really alive with a lots of places to meet. Nursing wise I can’t complain as well. We were integrated in a public huge hospital, where there are hundreds of opportunities to grab through a real possibility of a nursing career. The material and humanistic resources are really good. Besides this you may have the chance to study, specializing yourself in a certain area of care, without owing nothing but your full dedication to your work. Overall I feel happy to be here. Every day I think I made a good decision by coming to the UK. I’ve met really fun and friendly people and I’m living an amazing experience so far.”

Portuguese Nurse, placed in Cambridge University Hospital NHS Trust in June 2015″

The decision to come and work in the UK was based on a personal level due to my anglo-saxon background. I also find the UK attractive as it has its own unique and interesting culture which I would get the opportunity to get to know. My experience in the Cambridge University Hospital has been positive so far as it is one of the hospitals that mostly invest in the staff’s professional development to maintain high standards of quality in care as they work alongside with the University of Cambridge. Newcomers undergo a large induction program and are given time to get used to their work environment and feel confident about their own management. Everyone is really friendly, supportive and understanding of each individuals needs as they have also been in the same situation beforehand. The city of Cambridge itself is refreshing with it is elegant but laid back feel, beautiful architecture and its green panorama.For me the main difference between the English and the Portuguese healthcare system is without a doubt the opportunity for career progression. The Cambridge University Hospital is a very good work reference which allows room for working abroad, in research and other types of work environments. When I started to work, my main concern was my overall lack of confidence in my work because as a newly qualified nurse I did not feel very prepared but fortunately the induction program and my time as a supernumerary nurse allowed me to understand how the system worked and what was expected of me, but it’s clearer that nursing is a gradual learning life experience as we will always have to update our knowledge within the various specialities. I see my career in the UK as a good professional launching opportunity, it is the best way to start working in nursing as hospitals in the UK are used to receiving nurses from all over the world and constantly look for improvements in welcoming them to maximize the adaptation process.”

Portuguese Nurse, placed in Cambridge University Hospital NHS Trust in May 2015


HOSPITAL: Cambridge University Hospital NHS


  • Localizado na pituresca cidade de Cambridge, e um dos maiores e mais conceituados hospitais de UK e com reputação a nível mundial
  • Um centro de líder nacional para o tratamento especializado
  • Um dos apenas 5 maiores centros academicos de ciências da saúde do Reino Unido
  • Um centro de investigacao biomédica designado pelo governo
  • Possui instalações modernas e bem equipadas

CAMBRIDGE CITY – UK best city to live and work!

Offers Nurses an excellent work/life balance!


Envie o seu CV em Ingles ou envie as suas questoes para

E: Liliana.oliveira@cplhealthcare.com

+353 1 4825440 (IE)

W: www.cplhealthcare.com

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